If adventure is what you're Jonesing for, then choose wisely. 'X' marks the spot in this dining room for the man in the hat named, Indiana Jones.

Try not to become a permanent addition to the archaeological find as you observe Indy raid an ancient Peruvian temple! Beware of shooting spears and creepy, crawling spiders and by all means, don't tell him about the snakes...very dangerous! Stealing a runaway mine car may spell doom as you try to escape the giant boulder aimed to crush your dinner table! Study priceless artifacts that Indy has traveled the globe to uncover including the Ark of the Covenant, sacred Sankara Stones and the Holy Grail of them all - a Spielburger!

Don't choose poorly and settle on bugs for lunch! Grab your whip and your fork to have the adventure and dining experience of your life with Indiana Jones!


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